The original Dental-applicator since 1988

For precision application. eg

  • Cavity lining -Etching -Bonding- Haemostasis
  • Flouride varnishing -Disclosing solution.etc.

Quick and easy to use

  • Non linting working head for superior liquid holding.
  • Superior bendability for the correct working angle.

Reduce risk of allergy

  • Save time & expensive materials
  • Holds 1/8 of an ordinary drop.

Economical pack of 500 brushes

The box includes Dispenser and 500 brushes!
Made in Sweden 1988


Other applications

  1. In composite resin fillings: a thin uniform layer of bonding agent essential. Use Multi-Brush to mop up excess resin instead of dangerous air blasting. Risk of allergy
  2. Multi-Brush is excellent for condensing calciumhydroxide in root canals.
  3. To control minor gingival bleeding: rub the tissues with a Multi-Brush dipped in haemoatatic.
  4. Multi-Brush is very convenient for gentle removal remaining temporary crown cement from gingival sulcus.
  5. Use Multi-Brush to apply fixation resin to cast bridge parts in the mouth for soldering.
  6. To manipulate an inlay during try-in, ”put a handle it” bond a Multi-Brush to the occlusal surface of the inlay (like Pick-n-Stick).
  7. Improve bond strength by using Multi-Brush to work the primer into the cavity surfaces.
  8. Use Multi-Brush to remoisten dentine before priming.
  9. Excess resin cement (uncured) is best removed with Multi-Brush.
  10. In restorative therapy, Multi-Brush can be used as a long-handled separating wedge.

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